Vegan Rejects

Brand Creation: Building Iconic Brands


How do you stand out in a sea of competitors?

We set out to create a unique brand name and logo for a delivery-only vegan comfort food company in the San Francisco Bay Area. The brand would be battling against dozens of other vegan food brands for consumers' attention.


Market Analysis

🔥 Vegan food is for non-vegans

A great brand comes from the founders - our first session is spent listening to and digesting your vision. 

Next, we do rigorous research to find one or more key insights that help us position the brand competitively.

For this project, a plant-based comfort food brand, highlighting that 92% of all plant-based meals are actually eaten by people who aren’t vegan gave us the proper context for building the new brand.


Customer Profile

🔥 Target: the plant-eating millennial

The golden rule of business applies to branding too: nothing is more important than understanding your customer. We flesh out the who, what, where and especially why of your target customer.

We formed a cultural profile of the "plant-eating millennial" by discovering the wants and desires of this group and compiling population demographics.


Competitive Landscape

🔥 Most vegan brands “look” the same

Most vegan brands employ a sincere and wholesome brand personality. But our “plant-eating millennial” is drawn to vegan food in large part for its novelty.

Shifting the core focus from healthy eating to novelty allows us to escape the competition and position the brand in a fertile space in the market.


Brand Personality

🔥 Our vegan: a rebellious, sassy, 90’s kid

A strong personality helps our brand stand out among dozens of digital and real-world advertisements our customers are exposed to.

We use several models to define brand personality, including Jennifer Aaker’s Five Dimensions of Brand Personality. This helps us create a checklist of requirements that potential brand names and logos will be evaluated against.



🔥 "Vegan Rejects" felt right and met all requirements

Once we have the brand’s personality, positioning, and understanding of the audience in place, we brainstorm a set of brand names. 

We collaboratively rate results with you, and there’s no limit on iterations of work. We work with you until we find a version that feels right. 

We repeat the process for logo creation and visuals.


Testing & Evaluation

🔥 Iterate to perfection

We test to insure the visuals scale to all digital and print mediums and create sample placements for both web and physical packaging.



Brand Name

Brand Logos

Brand Guidelines & Sample Placements

Digital Brand Kit


Other Web Magic

To align with the nostalgia theme, we created the Vegan Rejects website as a functional simulation of the Windows 95 Desktop.