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Messaging: Setting the foundation for growth

Messaging is critical to growth marketing

The messaging strategy for your brand is mission critical for your customer acquisition and retention efforts. From inspiring trust and loyalty among customers to minimizing your growth marketing ad spend, messaging matters.

Messaging strategy includes brand personality and guidelines, and any core copy produced to promote your brand on social media, on your website, or other channels.

Why It Matters

Messaging directs user behavior and is critical for keeping customers engaged

Your brand’s personality (established in the brand creation process) is used to create guidelines for voice and tone for all of your marketing copy. Think of this as a style guide for your brand’s voice. 

Also Pizza’s brand personality is sincere, respectful, and artistic. The voice is mild, calm, and poetic.

Messaging is the biggest component of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most overused buzzwords (but one of the most underrated concepts) in digital marketing.

While proper SEO markup (settings and tags) is still needed, effective messaging is key for a website to rank highly in search results. 

Creating clear, concise messaging that answers all of your customers’ potential questions is the most search-friendly content. We establish relevant keywords through research and intentionally build those into your messaging, so that you’re not rewriting and correcting content during future marketing campaigns.

Effective messaging means a smaller ad spend

Brand marketing forms the basis for your future growth marketing efforts (how you acquire customers at scale). 

The more effective your content, the less you spend on ads, the easier it is to scale customer acquisition.

Having a bank of research-based, engaging copy that aligns with your brand personality saves you time and money when deploying future ad campaigns. It reduces the friction in communicating guidelines to marketers and influencers.


Brand Messaging Style Guide (mission, values, taglines, core copy bank)

Website Copy

White Papers

Video & Commercial Scripts

Social Media / Newsletter Content

Product Manuals