Oakland First Fridays

Web Design: Using the medium to its fullest


How do you get website users to complete a desired action?

With Oakland First Fridays, our goal was to create a website that leads users to complete a set of pre-defined tasks: donate to projects, view promoted content, and engage with the organization via Social Media.

Prioritize Desired User Behaviors

The demographics of your audience (identified in the brand creation process) are used to prioritize the tasks your target user(s) should achieve on their journey through your website. 

For Oakland First Fridays, the primary directive of the website is to collect donations. Beyond that, users should explore projects (each of which have their own user behavior goals).

Design Intuitive and intentional UX Flows

We create wireframes in Figma that outline the visual hierarchy of each page (information architecture) in alignment with the website's prioritized goals.

We create a functional prototype for each UX flow (the user's journey to complete a desired task).

These intentional user flows, combined with effective messaging, create a compelling user experience.

Delight Users To Keep Them Coming Back

We that take full advantage of the digital medium to capture and engage users.

This includes creating stunning graphics and animations, and strategic placement of form actions to collect user data for outbound marketing like newsletters.

Test Rigorously for Usability & Success

We test designs against all popular screen resolutions for mobile and web, and for ADA compliance.

We install your favorite analytics tools so you can keep tracking usage metrics.


Responsive, bespoke Webflow websites, fit for all screens