Traditional agencies aren’t built to keep up with you.

We work with innovators and impactful companies.

We're a Y Combinator-backed startup founder and a visual artist at the acclaimed Hoffberger Painting School (MICA).

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Shahbano Imran, Co-founder (LinkedIn)
Tyler Siegrist
, Co-founder (LinkedIn)

We're a good fit if:

You need more than pretty graphics.

You want effective branding that boosts your customer acquisition efforts.

You need "smart" content.

You need to explain complex ideas clearly and need your content optimized for SEO/SEM.

You need a powerful, lead-capturing machine

You need features like  animations, third-party integrations, and a CMS that’s easy to maintain.

Traditional agencies are too slow for you.

We execute quickly like your internal team (days vs. weeks compared to traditional agencies).

You want transparent communication.

We stay in sync with you through project management tools like Trello and Asana.

Shari Godinez
ED @ Oakland First Fridays
We loved working with Workbench. They really absorbed the vision of the project and presented stunning deliverables. They were transparent throughout the process and brought the incredible creativity needed for our launch to be successful.
Stacy J.
Operations @ KB Visions
They’re knowledgeable, honest, and fun to work with. Bringing them onboard really got our projects off the ground!
Darlene D.
CEO @ Urban Transformation
We had already gone through 3 versions of our brand from another agency and couldn’t get buy-in from our team and board on any of them. Workbench got it on the first try: they knew how to capture our ideas and the vision in our heads to formulate a brand that truly fit.
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