Case Studies


Brand Creation: Building an Iconic Brand

Vegan Rejects

Vegan Rejects Logo

Our goal was to create a name that resonates with the founding team, has a personality that engages the target customer, uniquely stands out with its depth and simplicity, and is scalable in all visual formats.

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Messaging: Setting the foundation for growth

Also Pizza

Also Pizza Logo

Effective messaging boosts a company’s customer acquisition efforts, both organic and paid, and forms the basis of growth marketing initiatives. When done well, this means a smaller spend on advertising and a more effective paid marketing funnel in the future.

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Web Design: Using the medium to its fullest

Oakland First Fridays

Oakland First Fridays Website

Our goal was to create a website that leads users to complete a set of pre-defined goals: donate to projects, view promoted content, and engage with the organization via Social Media.

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Product Design: Creating dev-ready app designs

Open Spaces

Open Spaces Mobile App

Our goal was to create development-ready designs and specifications for the MVP of the Open Spaces iOS app.

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Shari Godinez
ED @ Oakland First Fridays
We loved working with Workbench. They really absorbed the vision of the project and presented stunning deliverables. They were transparent throughout the process and brought the incredible creativity needed for our launch to be successful.
Stacy J.
Operations @ KB Visions
They’re knowledgeable, honest, and fun to work with. Bringing them onboard really got our projects off the ground!
Darlene D.
CEO @ Urban Transformation
We had already gone through 3 versions of our brand from another agency and couldn’t get buy-in from our team and board on any of them. Workbench got it on the first try: they knew how to capture our ideas and the vision in our heads to formulate a brand that truly fit.
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